Weddings and Cakes

It is always an honor to be asked to make a wedding cake for people you love. I made this one for Jen and Kyle’s wedding.

The bride asked for lemon cake with a blueberry compote filling and buttercream frosting. I love being involved in these special occasions and making wedding cakes, but I always stress about it.

Because I want everything to be perfect and I do not have full control over the conditions of the venue, whether or not a guest will bump into the table, or the weather which will affect the cake and frosting. To add more stress I had to travel with this cake. (Instead a visual of me biting my nails!)

Yes, I have control issues. I can see my family and friends nodding in agreement. (Shut up!)  I just want everything to be perfect for the couple. About five days before the wedding I kinda hyperventilated until I pull myself together with a stern lecture and talked myself though the steps.

My mom’s advise, “Just tell yourself you can’t do it. No always meant go when I said you couldn’t do something.” Ummm, thanks mom. Good talk!

These awesome pictures were taken by the very talented Lauren Winterbotham. Check her out on Facebook at Lauren Winterbotham Photography or on Instagram @laurenwinterbotham_photography

I can not even compete with the fabulous Amanda from “I Am Baker“. For the best wedding cake, cupcake, dessert recipes check her blog out.


Author: Ella

Just a girl who loves to cook farm-to-fork foods living the dream!

13 thoughts

  1. Holy Matrimony Ella! You are the true Cake Bosswoman!

    You came up with a beautiful vintage cake that fit the theme perfectly. I mean, not that I am surprised in the least. 🙂

    1. Major points, sir! I’m not even sure the bride and groom pasted that together.

      I do my cakes like I do my home remodels…you decorated for the character of the home not personal style.

      The venue, the bride”s gown, told me how this cake was going down!

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