Wacky Travels

Welcome to my travel page. Over the years I have traveled to almost every state and have found so many hidden treasures tucked away in quiet corners, sitting in forgotten back streets, and standing proudly in the middle of a city block and I have neglected to share them with you. I hope to rectify that going forward.

Going forward I will take you along with me and share my favorite restaurants. I have two rules when I eat out on the road.

1. Never eat at a chain restaurant unless the chain is regional and cannot be found at home. Like In-n-Out, for example, which is mainly on the west coast. Thus far that is. Word on the street is the chain might be taking the trek over The Rockies and animal style could be coming your way.
Wallace Station

2. If the parking lot is full, STOP! Even if it looks run down and slightly terrifying. Because you have probably just found a local gem and I promise the food will be worth the tetanus shot you might need later. Just kidding! The place below had me a bit concerned but was actually very rustic and comfortable inside. In fact, the scars added to its charm.

Beaumont TX (7)

Ready to travel?