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Are you a foodie? Do you want to cook like a top-notch chef? Dream of impressing family and friends with your cooking skills? Our gourmet seasonings are made with you in mind. Turn ordinary into WOW!

We expanded our gourmet seasonings with three new spice blends. All of our seasonings are made to enhance and bring out the full flavors in your foods. We pick the freshest herbs and vegetables and blend them with hand selected spices that compliment one another and seal them with love.

We are proud of our spices and the high standards we use to ensure you love our products. 100% organic and made the same day you order to ensure maximum freshness!

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Steak Seasoning:

IMG_4904 Impress your guest with this perfect grilling sidekick. Especially made to give you that perfect mouth watering grilled steak. It also turns a plain hamburger into a gourmet delight. 

Cajun Seasoning:

IMG_4911 Add some spice to your life! If you like your seasoning to have a little kick this is the seasoning for you. It adds layers of interest to all your foods. Literally, all your foods. Sprinkle it on goulash, popcorn, potato salad or replace salt for a Cajun twist.

Greek Seasoning:

IMG_4918 Grab your toga, Zeus, and don’t be late to the party. This seasoning turns all your recipes into meals fit for the Gods. It combines all those classic Greek seasonings and blends them into one. 

The Best Seller:

Smoked Sea Salt:

IMG_1498 The one that started it all! Enhance your meats with a nice smoky flavor, but I use it on everything! Veggies, Popcorn, Pizza! I love the way individual flavors in the seasoning come to the surface depending on the food it is used on. Give this one a try and you will throw away your salt shaker forever!

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Author: Ella

Just a girl who loves to cook farm-to-fork foods living the dream!

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    1. Thank you! They are wonderful. I’m totally addicted to the Smoked Sea Salt. The Hubbie loves the Cajun Seasoning, uses on almost everything.

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