The History

Welcome to The Farm! Built in 1891, it was christened “Pleasant Grove Farm.” The name was derived from its location. Nestled next to a beautiful forest (Pleasant), surrounded by cedar and oak trees (Grove), used for growing crops and keeping livestock (Farm).

Barn II

When the idea of starting a blog first came to me I really wanted to share the joys of rural living that I, a city girl born and raised, have come to appreciate. A big part of that is the cooking as there are few restaurants out here in the boonies. But, a larger part of it is the lifestyle. It did not come easy for me, this county living. I had to learn how to adapt to life in a foreign land that offered no pizza delivery, will never have fiber optic internet, and no matter how long I live here I will always be an outsider.

I am not your typical farmer. I will never have cattle on my farm. The thought of eating something I bottle fed, named, and raised gives me stomach cramps. I’m not saying I’m a vegetarian. I’m just saying I prefer my meat never have looked me in the eye. I prefer long hours of hoeing to chemicals, relocating pests to stomping on them, and embracing thistle weeds as wildflowers which earns me a lot of eye rolling with the in-laws.

In spite of all that, I know I am the luckiest person on earth.  I get to sit outside on early summer mornings sipping coffee while songbirds sing to me, deer sample the nuts from my oak trees and the family of red fox wrestle in the pasture all under a canopy of lush trees with the smell of honeysuckle drifting in the air.

Welcome to Pleasant Grove Farm!