The History

Welcome to the farm! Built in 1891, it was christened Cedar Oak Farms largely due to its location. The farm is nestled up against a forest that has a beautiful river flowing through it which eventually empties into the “Mighty Mississippi.” The property itself is enveloped in hundreds of cedars and oaks which brings with it a multitude of wildlife.


In many ways we are a typical Midwest farm. We raise corn and soybean, fresh vegetables and herbs, and gather eggs from our beautiful Isa Brown hens. In other ways, we are atypical.  We (mainly me) prefer long hours of hoeing  and walking beans to chemicals, relocating pests to stomping on them, and embracing thistle weeds as wildflowers which earns us a lot of eye rolling from the in-laws. Oh, and we do not raise cattle. I found I could not raise cattle only to see them off to be butchered.

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This is Cedar Oak Farms!

Cedar Oak Farms Gives Back