Bacon Wrapped Scallops & White Corn Hominy

The first time I had hominy I was in 3rd grade. It was a part of our history lesson. I don’t remember the details, sorry Mrs. Starr, but we were discussing how foods were first introduced into our culture. Mrs. Starr loved to bring the classroom alive and she brought in several dishes that had been gifts from the Native American culture.

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Saffron Pappardelle & Shrimp

I have been experimenting with homemade pasta and am trying out different herbs and spices to see what pairs well. One of my favorite discoveries was saffron. Saffron is a flower that comes from the Saffron crocus. It has a strong, almost sage honey, smell, and taste. It is always best to use threads vs. powder. The threads add a wonderful flavor and a rich golden-yellow hue which makes it perfect for pasta.

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Grilled Salmon & Corn with Mustard Greens

Summer equals grilling! One of my favorite foods to grill is salmon. Sprinkled with a chili lime seasoning you have a delightful summer dish. Pair it with wilted greens cut from the garden this morning and grilled charred corn fresh from the cob and you have a summer barbecue sure to please everyone.

Fire up the grill and get the coals ready.

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