Orange Chicken Salad


One week until Christmas?! How did that happen? I still need to finish my shopping. I have several started, but not finished, handmade gifts. Time! I need more of it. On these busy nights, I turn to salads. One of my favorites is an orange chicken salad filled with easy to find winter produce.

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Grilled Smoked Potato Salad

There are those dishes that define a season and the rituals of that season. In the Fall that is chili, tailgating, football. But in the summer, it is burgers, picnics, and beaches. You cannot have burgers without a perfect side dish and for me, that is this smoked potato salad! I’ve been perfecting this dish for some time now and I think it’s finally ready to be shared. So, fire up the grill!

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What to do with all those cucumbers!

So now that the garden is in full bloom and you have fresh vegetables by the basketful, what are you going to do with all this bounty? This is Post 2 of my Garden Series and today’s vegetable is the cucumber.

My Oma always had several hills of cucumbers growing in her garden. She was a canner and liked to make her own pickles: sweet, dill, bread and butter. When I decided to plant a garden, I used my Oma’s as my inspiration not taking into consideration I don’t like pickles. Now I have all these cucumbers and as much as I love salads I have to find other ways to use the cucumbers. Today I am sharing Baked Ranch Cucumber Chips, Cucumber Dill Vegetable Dip, Creamy Cucumber Salad, and Vinegar and Oil Cucumbers.

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Fried Red Tomato Salad

I love growing my own tomatoes. Ripe tomatoes are like eating sunshine right off the vine! I am always trying to find new ways to use them.  I’m sure most of you have tried fried green tomatoes, but have you ever tried to fry a red tomato? I decided to try my hand at doing just that using an air frying crispier basket and curiosity. This is what I came up with: a tomato salad that looks stunning and tastes oh, so good!

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