Caramel Pretzel Pancakes

Do I have a treat for you! Nutty, wholesome, with a touch of sweetness. No, I am not describing the girl next door. I am talking pancake batter. The thing I do not like about pancakes is they are too heavy. Replacing the flour with ground pretzels leaves a light, slightly nutty, pancake. Serve with a white chocolate vanilla crème and caramel topping and get ready to throw away all other pancake batters.

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Wacky Eggs Benedict

Every Christmas we have a Brunch Buffet with a variety of morning foods to appease all appetites. We have affectionately termed it “Meatfest”. Every year we seem to have leftover pancake batter and sausages. I also have leftover guests that I get up the next morning to make a smaller breakfast for.

One year I decided to get creative and see if I could repurpose the leftovers.  I came up with this version of Eggs Benedict and it has become a Morning after favorite. A pancake base stacked with wilted greens, breakfast sausages, a poached egg, and a creamy hollandaise sauce. I think I just figured out how I keep gaining more overnight guests each year. 😉

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Berry Pancakes

These berry pancakes are packed with chunks of juicy strawberries and delightful blueberries in every bite and so light and fluffy you’ll think you’re eating cake. What a great way to start the morning!

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