Vegetarian Lasagna with Winter Squash


I was strolling through the farmers market drooling over all the fresh winter squash on display when inspiration struck. I wanted to make a veggie lasagna using butternut squash and zucchini with my fresh spinach lasagna noodles. And since fresh was on my mind I grabbed some leeks, onions, and garlic for the lasagna red sauce that compliments all the fresh healthy veggies in this recipe.

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Spinach Lasagna Noodles


I started making my own pasta about a year ago. I try to avoid processed foods and I found pasta to be ridiculously easy to make after I got up the nerve to try it. It’s much like gardening in that it is therapeutic. I did invest in a pasta roller attachment for my stand-up mixer and highly recommend it.

I mean you can roll it out by hand, but you can also do laundry by hand. I just don’t understand why you would. The attachment can press the dough into thinner sheets then I can get by rolling it out. Admittedly this could be a lack of patience on my side. But, I do credit the roller attachment for staying committed to fresh. It just makes it so easier.
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