Turkey Biscuits and Gravy


In the 19th century, turkey hash was the centerpiece of a hearty Southern plantation breakfast. Today, it is also an excellent way to use Thanksgiving leftovers. I make a big batch of turkey hash and use it in two ways. In the morning it makes a beautiful turkey gravy spooned over country biscuits garnished with chopped onion or parsley. It also makes a beautiful lunch when spooned over leftover mashed potatoes served in a small cast iron skillet. It’s a perfect way to make leftovers an intended and delicious creation.

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Fried Red Tomato Salad

I love growing my own tomatoes. Ripe tomatoes are like eating sunshine right off the vine! I am always trying to find new ways to use them.  I’m sure most of you have tried fried green tomatoes, but have you ever tried to fry a red tomato? I decided to try my hand at doing just that using an air frying crispier basket and curiosity. This is what I came up with: a tomato salad that looks stunning and tastes oh, so good!

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Farm Salad

This week’s salad of the week is the always fresh, always delicious, farm salad. The best thing about farm salads is there are absolutely no rules. Farm Salads are made from anything growing, in season, or on hand at the time. Basically, if you can grow it, and it’s edible, you have a farm salad. Just wash, chop, and eat!

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Roasted Beet Salad

Beets have been one of those vegetables, like peas, that I have let my childhood memories taint my opinion of. My Oma served me pickled beets when I was younger, and I was not impressed and shunned them after that. It was not until I ordered roasted root vegetables at a restaurant and the server brought out beets and sweet potatoes that I worked up the courage to try them again. Tentatively I took a small bite and I was pleasantly surprised. A little sweet, a little tangy, maybe a hint of earthiness but, so much better then I remember.

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Gorgonzola Salad

The mildness of walnuts mixed with the tanginess of cranberries and the robust taste of gorgonzola cheese on a bed of mixed greens makes this salad an all-time favorite of mine. The gorgonzola dressing is so delicious!

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