Turkey Biscuits and Gravy

In the 19th century, turkey hash was the centerpiece of a hearty Southern plantation breakfast. Today, it is also an excellent way to use Thanksgiving leftovers. I make a big batch of turkey hash and use it in two ways. In the morning it makes a beautiful turkey gravy spooned over country biscuits garnished with chopped onion or parsley. It also makes a beautiful lunch when spooned over leftover mashed potatoes served in a small cast iron skillet. It’s a perfect way to make leftovers an intended and delicious creation.

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Favorite Turkey Leftover Sandwiches

Every year I get a little carried away with the turkey. It’s fifty percent rooted in my upbringing and fifty percent in glutting. I was raised in a German home where the belief was it is always better to have too much to offer than not enough. I also love the leftovers and the delicious meals I can make with them and sharing a container or two with those that sat at our table.

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