Grilled Avocado Buddha Bowl


Lunches can be a bit stressful for me. I have a bad habit of working through lunch often forgetting about it and looking up at 3 PM to find it is too late to go. So, I’ll grab a bag of nuts, or whatever I have stashed in my desk, promising myself that I will have a good dinner when I get home. The problem is by the time I get home I am starving, and that bag of chips is much quicker than preparing a full meal.

One of my goals for this year is to stop skipping meals which is why I love Buddha Bowls. The protein and nutrients are built right in giving me the boost I need to finish up my day. I can make them in advance and bring them along. I do not have to overthink them. Just pull together any variety of vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. They’re also so pretty. I love arranging them and leaving them covered in plastic wrap for all to see at the office encouraging everyone to bring in they own creations. Read More


Spinach Lasagna Noodles


I started making my own pasta about a year ago. I try to avoid processed foods and I found pasta to be ridiculously easy to make after I got up the nerve to try it. It’s much like gardening in that it is therapeutic. I did invest in a pasta roller attachment for my stand-up mixer and highly recommend it.

I mean you can roll it out by hand, but you can also do laundry by hand. I just don’t understand why you would. The attachment can press the dough into thinner sheets then I can get by rolling it out. Admittedly this could be a lack of patience on my side. But, I do credit the roller attachment for staying committed to fresh. It just makes it so easier.
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Avocado Bacon Oatmeal


Oatmeal is normally given a sweet twist with the addition of fruit, nuts, maple syrup, and cinnamon sugar, but I like to play the rebel. Also, I am not a sweet person…as in I do not like desserts or pastry…not unkind. I started to think of grits which are often served like oatmeal but is also served with salt and pepper or other savory spices. How could I interpret that into oatmeal? How about a tasty bowl of oatmeal made with bacon and garlic served with avocado, tomatoes, and green onion. Intrigued or hesitant?

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Orange Chicken Salad


One week until Christmas?! How did that happen? I still need to finish my shopping. I have several started, but not finished, handmade gifts. Time! I need more of it. On these busy nights, I turn to salads. One of my favorites is an orange chicken salad filled with easy to find winter produce.

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