Fruit Bar: Part II (Berries & Champagne Sabayon)


Part II of the Fruit Bar Post: No Christmas brunch would be complete without a fruit bar. A few simple ingredients laid out with flair and served with dipping cremes will leave your guests impressed and feeling special. For good reason, filled with beauty, wonderful aroma, and the healthy aspect of an otherwise heavy breakfast I find myself being pulled to the fruit more than anything else on the buffet. Two of my favorite dipping cremes to serve with fruit is champagne sabayon and cheesecake crème.

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Orange Zest Muffins


I’m sorry y’all, I’m going to have to say the M word that no one likes, but when it comes to orange muffins, I want them to be Moist. This sweet muffin delivers and then some. In fact, it is so good you might be tempted to serve it for dessert. I love serving them on Christmas morning for brunch and later in the day as a snack.

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Italian Spaghetti Sauce

My favorite part of spaghetti has always been the sauce. The pasta is just the tool I use to soak up the sauce. So, I was quite surprised when a friend of mine confessed she did not like spaghetti, “It’s so bland and boring.” Bland? Boring? Fresh garden ingredients picked at their peak simmered in some of the most delicious herbs and spices. How can that be boring?

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Seared Ribeye and Vegetables

Tonight’s meal is one of my favorite garden-to-table summer dishes. Easy to prep, ready in 15 minutes, and filled with fresh goodness. Defrost some ribeye in the refrigerator. Around dinner time go to the garden and pick some corn, green beans, and potatoes. Bring in the house, wash, cut, and get ready to sear up some ribeye and grilled vegetables.

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