Mediterranean Chicken Salad

Today, I am sharing one of my favorite salads. A Meditteranean Chicken Salad that is loaded with delicious fresh vegetables, black olives, garbanzo beans, and feta cheese. I serve it with a lemon herb vinaigrette on the side. For added protein, serve it with sliced seared chicken that has been marinated and seared in a Mediterranean spiced lemon and oil marinade.

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Loaded Burrito

What are the three common elements in every successful vegetarian dish? Veggies, fiber, and grains. If you are craving a “meaty” vegetable, you cannot go wrong with mushrooms. Mushrooms are a solid substitute for meat in any recipes. They have a rich earthy flavor that fills you up nicely. I like to use them in dishes that call for shredded meat like tacos, sandwiches, or today’s recipe a loaded burrito.
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Black Bean Burgers

How much of our eating is physiological? Take a burger, for example, I can be going along living a nice vegetarian life when bang it hits me. That craving for a thick, juice running down my arms, must have, howling at the moon, urge that takes a hold of me and will not let go.

I don’t often have cravings. I can talk myself into thinking I need something: like that bag of chips on the end rack of my grocery aisle. But I don’t crave chips, steak, pizza, chocolate, etc. But every now and again I get a hankering for a burger that takes over my soul and leads me to the dark side of a pickup window ordering a double, double, animal style!

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Tailgate Chili

There are certain things that just go together. You can’t say one without thinking about the other. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Tailgates and Chili. This rich bean version is simmered in spicy flavors and cooks into a deep red stew. Thick, hearty, and delicious. It travels well and finishes cooking in a crockpot at the tailgate.

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Pleasant Farm Bean Bowl

Ahh, beans, beans a wonderful food…. Okay, I’ll stop there as it is a really awful, and childish, poem my husband likes to quote on occasion. But that aside, beans really are a wonderful food. Naturally nutritious and a great source of protein and fiber they were a staple of my diet back in my vegetarian days. Need more reasons to love beans, these bad boys offer a myriad of health benefits. Oh, and guess what, they are delicious!

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