Grilled Pineapple Salad

Who wants a fresh, delicious, summer salad? I love this grilled pineapple salad made with tequila chicken, tossed with feta cheese, and served with a delicious and tangy grilled jalapeno pineapple dressing!

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Enchilada Tacos

Why is it we love tacos so much? We eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and let’s be honest how many late-night taco runs haven’t we made in college? But maybe the real reason we love them so much is that they are inexpensive, delicious, nutritious, can be found everywhere, offer a variety of tastes and sizes, spicy or sweet, and they go great with tequila!

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Pulled Pork Series: Pulled Pork Tacos

Recipe Two in the pulled pork series. A sweet barbecue pork served in a flour tortilla with Pico de Gallo and Mango-Jicama coleslaw. The sweet tangy barbecue sauce in the meat blends into the sweetness of the coleslaw for a unique and fresh taste that will have you walking away wondering when you can come back for more!

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Pulled Pork Series

This recipe is cooking up a nice pork shoulder loin that has been slow roasted, shredded, and simmered in a sweet Mississippi style barbecue sauce that all but melts in your mouth.

The secret of this pulled pork is in the *smoked salt seasoning! I developed this blend with a Kalua Pork from a Hawaiian Luau in mind capturing that smoky salt flavor inside the meat.

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Grilled Smoked Potato Salad

There are those dishes that define a season and the rituals of that season. In the Fall that is chili, tailgating, football. But in the summer, it is burgers, picnics, and beaches. You cannot have burgers without a perfect side dish and for me, that is this smoked potato salad! I’ve been perfecting this dish for some time now and I think it’s finally ready to be shared. So, fire up the grill!

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Peanut Butter Bombs

In honor of my baby girl’s birthday, I am pimping out the Reese peanut butter cup by adding a sea salt caramel center surrounded by a creamy peanut butter filling and laying it in a silky chocolate coating.  As most of you know, baking is not my thing. You’ll have to imagine how much more uniform these could be if I baked. Still delicious, however! Read More

Bacon Wrapped Scallops & White Corn Hominy

The first time I had hominy I was in 3rd grade. It was a part of our history lesson. I don’t remember the details, sorry Mrs. Starr, but we were discussing how foods were first introduced into our culture. Mrs. Starr loved to bring the classroom alive and she brought in several dishes that had been gifts from the Native American culture.

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