Guest Blog III: Brown Butter Pumpkin Couscous Stuffed Mini Pumpkins with Apples and Dates

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Rev up your tastebuds for this delicious brown butter pumpkin couscous from our final guest blogger in the fall challenge, “My Lover’s Kitchen” Made with pumpkin puree, apples, and dates cooked in a pumpkin shell. You can see why Katie and Claudio are one of my favorite Instagram favorites!

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Cornbread Stuffed Chicken Breast

A perfectly roasted chicken breast stuffed with a homemade cornbread stuffing, fresh herbs, and a delectable bourbon glaze.


I haven’t made this dish for some time, but I knew when I was asked to come up with some recipes that used bourbon I had to include this wonderful bourbon glaze. A delicious glaze that turns simple chicken into an elegant dish great for entertaining. The chicken is tender, the juices drip through the stuffing adding another dimension to the stuffing and the glaze…OMG! The glaze gives it deep rich tones. Beware your eyes might roll back in your head as you savor every bite. YUM!

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Corn Bread Stuffing


Okay, I know homemade cornbread stuffing seems like a lot of work when you can just go to the store and buy packaged, but the additional time pays off in taste and is time well worth it. Whenever I make cornbread I’ll make extra with this delicious stuffing in mind. I love using it in Stuffed Chicken or Dressed Out Pork Chops and it also makes a great side dish all on its own. This recipe is an explosion of fresh herbs, celery, and onion soaked into homemade cornbread.

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Drunken Apple Strudel


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One of my fondest memories of fall was Opa and Oma’s orchard.  They had several varieties of apples, a couple pears, and a few plums. Every fall we would leave the city to spend the day with Oma gathering fruit. Then she and Mom would spend the day making jam, jellies, and applesauce. Oma would send us home with bushels of fresh fruit, canned goodies, and a delicious apfelstrudel with a homemade blättertei.

My mouth still waters thinking about that apfelstrudel. So, of course, for this fall challenge, I knew I wanted to include Oma’s German apple strudel and I added some good old-fashion American bourbon to the mix.

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Pork Chops and Apples


A beautiful fall dish that steps up to the Fall Challenge. Today’s recipe is a classic favorite: pork chops and apples. This is one of my favorite midweek dishes. It’s low maintenance, cooks up under 30 minutes, and offers a juicy meat with tangy undertones. The addition of herbs gives it a savory thrill on the side.

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Roasted Pumpkin & Garlic in a Buttery Bourbon Sauce


IMG_0895I like to use as much of the vegetable as I can. This means using the skin instead of paring it. Yet, I never really knew what to do with the outer pumpkin shell. I puree the flesh for pies, roast the seeds for a delicious nutty snack, but the skin always landed in my compost bin. Thanks to the farm-to-fork movement I have been seeing pumpkin in a whole new light. Today one of my favorite ways to serve pumpkin is roasted with garlic in a beautiful buttery bourbon sauce leaving the skin intact.

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Bourbon Beef Tips


I’m cooking with bourbon tonight, I might even add a little to the food, (as borrowed from W.C. Fields). Adding bourbon to beef is one of my favorite things to do. The bourbon adds an additional layer and brings out the flavors in beef. Note that I keep repeating beef. Darker spirits do better in darker meats like beef or pork. If cooking with chicken and fish stick with wine or lighter alcohols.

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Apple Fritter French Toast


Wake up your breakfast with a plate of apple fritter French toast topped with a buttery bourbon maple syrup. Make the bread at least one day in advance, but the best thing about French toast is it works well with older bread so if time is an issue make the bread over the weekend and put it away use later in the week.

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