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As I mentioned in the past, I was a city girl. I wasn’t just raised in the city, I LOVED the city! When I met my husband and he dragged me kicking and screaming to the country I spent a full year complaining. I mean, it’s barbaric, there is no pizza delivery! I will never plug into a fiber optic internet port. There are no museums. If I’m being honest, there is very little diversity, but that’s for another day. Because today I want to talk about the wonder of living in the country.

I have always been a bit of a tomboy and I love the outdoors. Uhm, when it’s 60 degrees or above. The county allows me to spend most of my days outside. There are the chores, the garden, the wooded trails, and the outdoor entertaining. I call all of this my “outdorable” life. The most outdorable wonder of all is nature itself. There is just something magical about looking up to a sky bursting with millions of stars to which I have a front row seat! And every now and then I get to step out my backdoor and experience phenomenal moments or what NASA calls “one of the sky’s most dazzling shows.”

Here is my view of the Super Blood Wolf Moon:

By 9:00 PM the Moon was a bright ball of light bouncing off the snow where the night turned to day and gave off an eerie green tint.

At 11:08 PM the show stopper happened.

Keep in mind by the time the eclipsed occurred in my area it was already high in the sky and I do not have the best lens for capturing long-range but still, it was a beautiful thing! Take the moments because they are exceptional! – Ella💙


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