Outdoorable Living: Not So Much!

Dear Beach Goers:

Please come and enjoy our sandy beaches. Folic in our beautiful oceans. Bring the family and enjoy our shorelines. Don’t forget to bring along some water, sunscreen, food & drinks to enjoy. BUT PLEASE TAKE YOUR TRASH BACK WITH YOU!

Please forgive me while I crawl up on my soapbox, but littering is my biggest pet peeve! Recently, I took a stroll along the beach and as is my way I brought along a trash bag (reusable cloth) to pick up litter along the way. Within one mile my bag hath overfloweth. What the #%@!

People, we can do better! – Ella🌎


Author: Ella

Just a girl who loves to cook farm-to-fork foods living the dream!

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  1. I soooooOoooOo agree~! As if it weren’t bad enough in the cities (how can you actually miss the gazillion trashcans conveniently placed on every corner and every other step in between?), nooooo, people start dropping their stuff left right and center basically everywhere they go. “Do you drop your sh*** on the spot while you’re at home too or just when you’re hiking through a nature reserve?” has been a phrase I’ve already used more often than I could have ever imagined in recent years… *huffhuff* memo to self: wakeup-coffee first, soapboxy topics you care about second…

    1. Right! Don’t even get me stated on nature trails. You are there to enjoy the beauty so why are you dumping on it?

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