Chocolate Chip Cookies


How many cookie recipes do you think are out there? A hundred? A hundred thousand? And still, the only cookie that has my heart is the original chocolate chip cookie. Want extra height and near perfect shape? The secret is to use real sweet cream butter, quality chocolate chips, and eliminate the baking soda. Use only baking powder.

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Fruit Bar: Part I (Fresh Fruit with Cheesecake Crème)


No Christmas brunch would be complete at our house without a fruit bar served with dipping cremes. I find myself being pulled to the fruit more than anything else on the buffet. For good reason, filled with beauty, wonderful aroma, and a healthy alternative to an otherwise heavy breakfast. Two of my favorite dipping cremes to serve with fruit is champagne sabayon and cheesecake crème.

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Pumpkin Walnut Layer Cake


How to eat cake: A cream-cake and anything of similar nature would be eaten with knife and fork, never bitten. All dessert utensils are placed at the top of your place setting and should not be used for anything else. Using your fork, gently cut the cake being very careful not to clatter your fork upon your plate, but use it without any noise. 😜

~ Actual excerpt from the original White House Cookbook from 1894.

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Drunken Apple Strudel


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One of my fondest memories of fall was Opa and Oma’s orchard.  They had several varieties of apples, a couple pears, and a few plums. Every fall we would leave the city to spend the day with Oma gathering fruit. Then she and Mom would spend the day making jam, jellies, and applesauce. Oma would send us home with bushels of fresh fruit, canned goodies, and a delicious apfelstrudel with a homemade blättertei.

My mouth still waters thinking about that apfelstrudel. So, of course, for this fall challenge, I knew I wanted to include Oma’s German apple strudel and I added some good old-fashion American bourbon to the mix.

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Peanut Butter Bombs

In honor of my baby girl’s birthday, I am pimping out the Reese peanut butter cup by adding a sea salt caramel center surrounded by a creamy peanut butter filling and laying it in a silky chocolate coating.  As most of you know, baking is not my thing. You’ll have to imagine how much more uniform these could be if I baked. Still delicious, however! Read More