Look all good blogs The Wacky Spoon is constantly evolving and growing. As my passions and interests grow so do my pages and posts.

The main focus has, and always will be, the cooking and sharing of recipes. The Wacky Spoon is my personal cookbook, a place to keep track of all the recipes I have created, updated, or changed. You will find healthy veggie-laden recipes with ingredients fresh from the garden.

From time to time I will share gardening tips, ideas, and plans. Insights about working and living on a farm.

I travel four months out of the year and will take you along for the ride; sharing foods, sights, and places of interest as I travel along.

Please enjoy my favorite foods and recipes:
Food Collage

Join me on my adventures:
adventure collage

As I take us from here to there:
Travel Collage

My Dreams: To cook as well as my Oma. To be as kind as my husband. To laugh as freely as my children. To grow more veggies and fruits on the farm. To bring more people into my life. To inspire others to do more home cooking.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you like what you see and will come back often to cook with me. Please let me know your thoughts and if you like what you see. Come for the food, stay for the conversation!                                               – Ella