About TWS

Hi, I’m Ella, I’m the chief cook and bottle washer stirring the pot behind The Wacky Spoon. I live on a 130-year-old sustainable farm where I stir together fresh from the farm ingredients and bring you delicious restaurant-quality meals than anyone can make.

Our Founder

So why The Wacky Spoon? The term “Wacky” as it pertains to food was used during WWII to identify readily available foods. Victory gardens started to spring up in every available open lot, playground, and schoolyard.

Those in the countryside were generally better off because they had room to also raise livestock allowing them to be self-reliant freeing up other resources to support the war. Today we call this sustainable living. The Sustainable Spoon is not as much fun to say, hence, The Wacky Spoon was born.

My History

The Food: I am an avid foodie! Before you roll your eyes, know that I meet all the requirements. I can recommend fantastic restaurants, that are not chain restaurants, thank you, in all fifty states. I will take long and extended road trips to find the perfect farm market or try a new restaurant that has received great reviews. I can spend days researching the history of cooking styles and techniques and can go on and on about why I like to use one over the other. But mostly I love the actual act of cooking and creating new dishes.

I am not fearless, however, I still cannot bring myself to try octopus and I’m okay with that. Nor am I perfect, I make the ugliest dessert known to man. They taste good, but I do not have a knack for desserts. I keep trying and I believe that someday I will make that one unforgettable dessert. It will have to be memorable because I will drop the mic and walk out of the kitchen the day that happens.

The Farm: I live on a beautiful piece of land surrounded by thousands of oak and cedar trees. I am often visited by the locals: deer, red fox, coyotes, and as legend has it, one black panther. I never mind the visits, unless they are knocking on the hen house door. When that happens I rely on my dog to bark out a warning and I elbow my husband awake to deal with it. The critters of the rural landscape still scare the bejeezus out of me!

Currently, the farm consists of one large, and consistently growing, organic garden. I do not fence off the garden because I feel the rabbits have a right to pass through as they see fit. I recently put in an orchard that I hope will offer pears, apples, peaches, and cherries in a few years. I say hope because I am an organic “farmer”. I plant, water, and let nature do the rest. Like the song says: “I don’t care about spots on my apples, leave me the birds and the bees, please!” I am currently building a greenhouse out of old windows and leftover brick. Yes, I am the one building it. No, I do not expect it to stand straight.

The only animals on the farm are my pets. I do have hens and I do gather eggs, but once their laying days are behind them, they get to live out their lives in the “Golden Hen Retirement Home”. I am not a vegetarian, but I found out the hard way that I become too attached to the animals that come to live with me. Once you name your cattle, have gotten up in the middle of the night to sit with a sick calf, or allowed them to use your hand as a pacifier (long story that one) it’s hard to let them go off to be butchered.

My Latest Adventure

The Market: Those of you who have been following the blog know that I love to cook with fresh herbs and spices. I am always trying new mixes and coming up with different blends. By doing this I accidentally stumbled across a few truly extraordinary blends that I would feel selfish if I did not share with you. The Smoked Sea Salt Seasoning is my favorite and the one that led me in this new direction. I am excited to see where it leads and what direction another year of blogging will take me.

Many Thanks:
A thousand thanks for your interest in The Wacky Spoon. If you have a question, would like to offer a future blog idea, or have an advertising inquiry I would love to hear from you! Contact me here and I will get back to you as soon as I am done in the kitchen and back online.

With love
– Ella💙

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