Widget PhotoI am in awe of vegans, admire the dedication of a Paleo diet, and applaud clean eating! I am none of these things individually. I am all these things as a whole! I am not vegan, though I enjoy meatless dishes. I am not a pescatarian, yet I eat fish regularly. I could be considered paleo. Through I argue most of us can. Honestly, don’t you think a caveman would have eaten candy and pasta if it had been available? I mostly eat clean, but I’ll occasionally pour a sauce over my food, or wrap it in a flour tortilla.

I do not label my eating. I have no defined rules or guidelines. I eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. To do that I need to eat slowly and consciously. I try to lower my carbon footprint by eating organic local (usually my own backyard) grown fruits and vegetables. I eat meat, but I fight for humane practices. Chips are my Achilles heel. I cannot walk away from them, therefore I try not to be near them. I still miss soda, every day. I like pasta, it hates me. I love salads: veggie, fruit, bean, potato, give me more!

IMG_4866I have always enjoyed cooking. If I am upset, it relaxes me. If I am stressed, it soothes me. I love how it brings the family together. I strive to make every dinner a celebration of the day. My ultimate goal is to serve restaurant quality foods at home for family and friends to enjoy! I want people to push away from my table full, happy, and a little hungry for the next meal.

The Wacky Spoon is my personal cookbook, a place to keep track of all the recipes I have created, updated, or revised. I’m a better cook than a baker. Therefore, you will find few baked goods but, many healthy homemade meals. From time to time I will share gardening tips, ideas, and plans, or other insights about working and living on a farm. I travel for work four months out of the year and hope to start sharing foods, sights, and photos from the places I visit.

I hope to cook as well as my Oma. To be as kind as my husband. To laugh with my children often. To bring more people into my life. To inspire others to cook. I hope you like what you see and will come back often to cook with me. Please let me know if you like a recipe. See you soon!

– Ella