Spiked Bourbon

Departing is such sweet sorrow! I couldn’t say goodbye to the fall challenge without including at least one bourbon cocktail and a final thank you to my guest bloggers. So, indulge me while I raise a glass, of this wonderfully spiked bourbon, and toast my dear friends. To Friendship! 😘

This is a delightful way to add a little sweetness to bourbon without destroying the integrity of the liquor. Instead of spiking the punch bowl with the bourbon, try spiking the bourbon with caramel candies and spices.


Crush 4 ounces (about 22 candies) of caramel hard candy, I like to use Werther’s, with a mallet. Then lightly crush 2 crystallized gingers. Add to a 16-ounce decanter, or bottle. Add 3 cinnamon sticks and 1 vanilla bean. It’s best to use a decanter with a large opening so you can get the cinnamon sticks and vanilla bean out again. Fill the decanter with a 750ml of bourbon whiskey.


Close the decanter and let the liquor stand for 1 – 8 weeks, giving the candies time to dissolve and the flavors to steep. The longer you let it steep the better the cinnamon and vanilla bean break down and flavor the bourbon, 8 weeks is ideal.


If you like the taste of bourbon; add a finger of this spiked bourbon to a tumbler and garnish with an apple slice and cinnamon stick. If you find bourbon to be a bit too strong; add equal parts apple juice and spiked bourbon to a tumbler filled with ice and garnish.

This is best served as an after-dinner drink as the candies and apple juice make it a bit sweet. – EllaπŸ’™

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