Adventures of the Gorge

This weekend trip is ideal for the nature lover and the thrill seeker. Offering whitewater rafting, ziplining, rock climbing, rappelling,  kayaking, and endless trails that are suited for all levels of hikers. Be sure to stop at a visitors center and ask about the trails before taking off. Some can be quite extensive winding down, down, down. Others will have you hugging a narrow trail along a steep cliff with no guardrails. At the bottom, however, is where you will find the forgotten coal mines.  Just remember what goes down must come up!

The area offers many campsites, lodges, rental homes, and a lodge is offered on the property. Learn more about Adventures of the Gorge.

I placed this in the weekend travel category because activities are limited to the outdoors and after a few days it all starts to run together. However, there some small towns in the area that should be explored. A few ghost towns that offer a glimpse into the once booming coal industry.  If you are an avid camper and/or hiker you might want to stay a bit longer than three days.

The Adventures on the Gorge has revised the area and interesting restaurants are springing up in the area. There are many antique shops, charming gift shops, even an award-winning salsa factory that offers free tastes that you can nosh on while watching the salsa being made through a wall of glass windows looking into the factory.

If you are interested you can view my itinerary here.


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