Three Way Salad

Tonight, I am having a 3-way…salad that is. Three types of lettuce mixed with three diced veggies and three extras all tossed together then topped with three toppings. This salad is packed with veggies, color, and taste.

3 Way 1

Tear three of your favorite lettuces into bite-sized pieces and place in a large bowl. My choices are purple kale, Boston, and Romaine.

3-Way 2

Chop three of your favorite salad veggies and toss in with the lettuce. My choices are red onion, cucumber, and celery.

3-Way 3

Add three extras whether that is meat, more veggies, potatoes, or pasta. My choices are bacon, pasta, and red pepper.

3-Way 4

Toss together to evenly blend all ingredients. Divide into individual bowls. Top each salad with three toppings. You can add sunflower seeds, croutons, more veggies, fruits, and nuts. My choices are sliced avocados, tomatoes, and hard-boiled eggs.

3-Way 5

There you go, a beautiful and delicious dinner salad sure to fill you up.

3-Way 6

3-Way 7

Ready to try a three-way…hum-hum, salad? So Good! – Ella


Author: Ella

Just a girl who loves to cook farm-to-fork foods living the dream!